December 1, 2012

Virus and Spyware Removal

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Professional virus removal service with enhanced protection from online threats. By a saying The more successful you are, the more enemies you have. Therefore to protect your success from your enemies you need to keep your information confidential and safe. But the virus attack can be at any time in any form whether you are using any external source drive, Internet or Intranet and so on media formats.

Computer Support

Our tech experts will not only suggest you to choose the best possible antivirus program according to your PCs configuration and work load, but also set-up and install whatever antivirus software you have purchased or downloaded for your PC. We will detect and remove all spyware and viruses from your computer. We will optimize your Fire wall and schedule automated virus, spyware, and adware scans.

Just allow us with your permission to remotely access your computer through the Internet and our CEYLON Certified Technicians will ensure the safety and security of your PC from viruses.

Call us now for comprehensive tech support available 24/7, 365 days, anywhere, anytime!

Scope of Support:

  • Comprehensive tech support at one flat rate
  • Setup, install, customize and troubleshoot services, all in one place.
  • Root cause diagnoses and suggestions for future maintenance and optimal use of computer.
  • Instant access anytime to expert technicians via the Internet.
  • Skilled technicians on any issues related to software, security, connectivity, peripherals etc.

Virus Removal Programs
Our skilled and experienced technicians will provide support for all types of antivirus software including Ad-Aware, Avast! Free AntivirusAvast! Pro Antivirus and Internet Security AVG Anti-Virus, Avira Anti Virus Personal – Free Antivirus, Bit Defender, CA Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, McAfee Virus Scan, Microsoft Security Essentials, PC Tools Anti Virus, Symantec Norton Anti Virus/Norton 360, Trend Micro Internet Security, Zone Alarm Antivirus, Rising Anti Virus

Technical Support for all anti spyware products
Avail the benefits of our comprehensive support and expert guidance from CEYLON’s technical experts to remove all spyware hidden in your system with the help of anti spyware software.

Our smart technicians can help you to remove spyware, viruses, and other security threats from your system with the help of anti spyware products. We can provide instant support to download, install, set up and configure various anti spyware products on your PC.

With our help and support, you can also resolve any issue that may occur during the installation and configuration of any anti spyware product on your computer. We can also stop spyware from infecting your system, accessing your personal information like e-mail ID and password, and tracking your Internet usage. CEYLON’S technical experts can help you in every way possible to protect your PC from spyware attacks. With our linear and logical tech support, you can remove malicious software and threats from your operating system with ease. For more information you can call us on 1-855-888-5881 (US/Canada), 0-800-068-9314 (UK), 0800-452-144 (NZ) and 1-800-626-749 (Australia) or visit on Ceylon Technical Support.


August 13, 2012

How to Delete Corrupted AVI Files?

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AVI is Audio Video Interleaved is a format of multimedia. AVI files contain both audio and video data that allows audio-with-video playback. AVI files support multiple flows for audio and video. If AVI file has occur an error user cannot play the files to watch video or for audio even or AVI File will not play anything. The file extension of .AVI is used for Windows Video files. These files can be played with Windows Media Player or other media players. These AVI files you can download from internet on many places. When you download files sometimes it may be corrupted and will not play properly. And if you try to delete it in Windows Explorer it cannot be deleted. Instead will give you an error message that “Error deleting file or folder. Cannot delete .AVI file. It’s being used by another person or program. Close any program that might be using the file and try again.” In actual, there is no other program using this file. Even you cannot rename or copy or move it to another location.

Computer Tech Support

Computer Tech Support

When you click on an AVI file in Windows Explorer, the operating system attempts to read the entire file to find out the dimensions, duration, etc. of the file. If the file is corrupted or partially downloaded, you will have problems while copy, move, rename, or delete it. By using the ‘Registry Editor’ you can solve this problem.

For solution open windows Registry Editor for that click on Start menu button, click Run and type REGEDIT in text box. You will get Registry Editor Window. In that on the left pane navigate the key HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT. And click on  HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.avi\shellex\PropertyHandler.  At the right pane you will see only one property handler key name as (Default). Right click on that key and select Delete from context menu. Your AVI file will get deleted. Close Registry editor. Now to run the media you will need to download or install setup for AVI files.

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July 10, 2012

What is Spyware & How Should Prevent It?

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Spywareis a type of malicious program installed on computer that collects user’s information without their knowledge or permission. Spyware cannot find easily and difficulty to detect. Some spyware may be installed by the owner who produced it, corporate, or public computer purposely in order to monitor users. Spyware can collect almost any type of data such as personal information like Internet surfing habits, user logins, and, passwords and financial information like bank account no. or credit account information. Spyware can also interfere with user control of a computer by installing additional software or redirecting Web browsers. Due to change in control setting, your computer can be slow your internet connection speed, unusual change in browser setting, or even can change software settings.

How spyware infects your computer

Generally, spyware comes up along with genuine software or may come from official websites. Spyware installs itself on a system without knowing user, or through software weakness. Spyware may connect itself with popular software. Some spyware infects the system through weak security in the browser or software.  If user navigates the web page which controlled by spyware, the code attacks the user’s browser and forces the download and installation of spyware.

A huge number of spyware can create major unwanted CPU activity, disk usage, and network traffic, stability issues, such as applications freezing, failure to boot, and system-wide crashes. Due to network traffic created by spyware causes difficulty to connecting to the Internet.

Due to spyware system becomes slow or makes installation problems, or any other infections, user thinks to change the system or buy new one. But there is just a need to clean your system reinstall all the software.  However, some types of spyware disable software firewalls and anti-virus software, and/or reduce browser security settings which open the system for further infections.

Prevention and cure

To prevent the spyware to attack to your computer or to save your computer from spyware attacks you can use the programs which designed to remove or block spyware as well as prevent chance of entering spyware on a system.  If your computer operating system Windows got infected with spyware, then the only treatment is to backup user data, and fully reinstalls the operating system. Now-a-days in the market you can get many products to remove or block spyware.  On December 16, 2004, Microsoft acquired the GIANT AntiSpyware software, rebrands it as Windows AntiSpyware beta and released it as a free download for Genuine Windows XP and Windows 2003 users. Afterwards in 2006 it was re-named as Windows Defender.

Virus Alert

Spyware Alert

With our help and support, you can also resolve any issue that may occur during the installation and configuration of any anti spyware product on your computer. We can also stop spyware from infecting your system, accessing your personal information like e-mail ID and password, and tracking your Internet usage. CEYLON’S technical experts can help you in every way possible to protect your PC from spyware attacks. With our linear and logical tech support, you can remove malicious software and threats from your operating system with ease. For more information you can call us on 1-800-626-749 or visit on Virus & Spyware Removal Services.

July 2, 2012

How to Fix Your Computer if it Won’t Start?

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To troubleshoot booting problem you have to find out the cause.

  1. To find out the cause keep restarting your pc constantly. It will confirm that your pc is not booting. Then you should check pc that either it’s not burnt, or loose contact or warns contact. After that you can start to fix the problem.
  2. There could some problems like corrupted BIOS, corrupted startup files, corrupted hard drive or damaged motherboard
  3. If pc not starting after pressing power button, then check for plug and switch on both at the wall and at the back of the base unit, also check that the wall socket has power. Check power supply by connecting other machine. If machine starts well then check for your power switch connection. Check the fuse in the power supply. If the connections are fine, then it may cause to your motherboard have been dead.
  4. Next step is to check for faulty motherboard.
Computer Help

Computer Help

  • Disconnect all connections and components from your motherboard except for power, front panel CPU assembly, RAM and graphics card. And switch it on.
  • If you have more than one RAM then test it one by one.
  • If this works then try to connect other devices one at a time. Before connecting other device don’t forget to switch off your pc. Keep testing until you catch the problem.
  • If you heard beep of disk starting but nothing appears on screen then it may possible that BIOS is corrupted. If so, then you need to reload BIOS correctly or have to replace the chip.
  • If board keeps continuously beeping, then there may be hardware error in one of the basic component. If it beeps twice may be it means monitor is not connected, beeps four times means no memory found, etc. If the BIOS reports that it not getting any element to continue then find out and replace or fix that component.
Check for BIOS settings
  • To enter in BIOS setting you have to press DEL key or F2 as soon as you switch on your pc.
  • All BIOS menu differs and primary masters drives have some numbers after it. It that no. is present in front of that then your driver has been detected.
  • If primary master does not have no. then your drive has not been detected. You can change the setting if you know.
  • Save and exit the BIOS settings. If your computer start you problem got solved. If your drive has not been detected then you have to open up the cabinet and check all the connections.

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